Media personality Jalang’o urges artists to leave Nairobi in order to make ends meet during ‘lockdown’

by Helvine Achieng
April 19, 2021

Media personality Felix Odiwuor  popularly  known as Jalango has  recently urged fellow artists who are struggling to earn a living to relocate from Nairobi or risk starving to death.The comedian further  added that he shared his sympathies with a number of athletes who could not make ends meet during the pandemic but there was not much he could do to assist.

“Dear art industry if you fully depend on art or performances to eat please plan and leave Nairobi now! Go get the jab, apply for the pass and just go!” he wrote on his Instagram page.

“May 29 (the date when President Kenyatta is again expected to address the country), is far and we are not sure if they will open. Just go you’ll die in Nairobi! We have places opened and operating in Mombasa, Kisumu, Kisii, Kericho, Malindi, wherever. Just plan and go!”

Since the Coronavirus pandemic hit  in March of 2020, life hasn't been easy for the common mwananchi and furtherly, the entertainment Industry being one of the most affected sectors.

The  vast spread of Covid led to President Uhuru Kenyatta ordering  the closure of bars, social gatherings, events, and nightclubs.The President though  has since relaxed these measures in most areas in the country save for Nairobi, Kajiado, Nakuru, Kiambu, and Machakos counties which are considered as the extreme spread zones.

Jalang’o has  also encouraged artists to seek creative ways of earning a living, adding that several artists including DJs and musicians have been kicked out of their homes owing to Covid-19 related financial challenges.

“Book your events out of Nairobi!! Go!! I swear people are suffering! Even well-established artists and DJs. Watu nyumba zinafungwa, artists are hungry! Depression is checking in!”

“Go! Team up to get a one-bedroom somewhere in Kisumu, book events in Homabay, Kisii, Migori, Siaya. go create a new audience!! Go to gigs in Karatina, Nanyuki, Meru.”