Maestro Joseph Hellon Declares To Venture Into Politics!

by Helvine Achieng
February 23, 2021

Controversial Saxophonist, apostle and jazz Maestro Joseph Hellon is giving a shot into politics as he plans to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Hellon had first declared his presidential ambitions 11 years ago. Speaking on Radio Jambo, the Saxophonist stated that he was now wise and has had time to strategise his moves.

"I have gone through baptism by fire and media scrutiny, and I'm now older and wiser, and I have re-strategised on how I will do this. We were ten years ahead with our manifesto (for the Finger of God political party). We have modified it a bit," he said. Adding,

" I have been thinking about the process and studying the current political scenario. I have a lot of options for political parties that I can use, but I am not going to think of some of these big parties because I am targeting the youth. These are people who are always on the Internet and on social media.

"There are more than 3 million voters on social media who are not interested in old men kind of politics, and they do not even understand it. Millennials do not care about tribe, yet most political parties thrive on tribal politics, and since I am relatively young, I believe I can make an impact with them," he said.

Hellon has stated that he is keen to clean up Kenya's political atmosphere, and he will fund his presidential campaign with money made from his businesses.

"We have the money. I have never gotten money from the church. I never take tithe and offering. When you look at our church profile online, we don't take money, but if someone offers, well and good, we will take it."

"I am a musician and musicians earn their living from how popular they are, and I have made millions out of this," he noted. Maestro Joseph Hellon stated that he is not getting into politics because of money since he can get it from his business. When asked why he chose the presidential docket, Hellon said that he is beginning from the top because he has always been at the top.

"When your calling is the tail, then wag it. Mine is the head; that is where I will start. I have always been at the top."

"I am flexible because I am not; greedy a lot of people get into politics to make money. I have already made money, so I want to get into politics to help. But, just anything changes, I do have the right to change my mind and say I will not be running, but as it is right now, my name will be on the ballot box," he said.