Machachari Actor Baha Opens Up On His Struggles To Get Acting Gigs After Growing Up

by Muthoni Kimani
February 1, 2021

Kamau Mbaya, popularly known as actor Baha, is undoubtedly one of the actors that made childhood enjoyable in the popular Machachari program.

The actor has however undergone several challenges growing up. One of them is losing his mother. Baha lost his mother Wanade, real name Beth Nyambura Mbaya, to cancer back in 2013.

In an interview, the actor opens up on the challenge he faces of not getting any other acting gig(s) after growing up. He says that most of the upcoming films typecast actors. This leaves out most of the other actors assuming that they are only good in one role.

” Angalia hadi majuu, kuna kid stars kama Jace Norman wa Henry Danger. Sai ako frustrated because studios zimem typecast, so ni hard kuget. Hio ndio issue sana.”

He also adds that most Kenyan actors are facing similar challenges. He also gave an example of the late Papa Shirandula.

He says that the industry is now looking for newer faces. Baha admits he never had it smooth growing up and he had to find ways of surviving with his only sibling Mungai Mbaya, who is two years older than him.

The actor also says he used to pay high school fees for his brother and himself.