by Helvine Achieng
January 19, 2021

Renowned gospel artist Mr seed has clapped back at his fellow artist Ringtone Apoko urging him to stop judging others. All this came through after Apoko trash-talked Mr seeds upcoming collaboration with the Gengetone group Sailors.

Ringtone had over the weekend through his social media called out on the gospel artist allegedly accusing him of making gospel music dilute by collaborating with secular artists.

“Stop this nonsense just go to secular Mr Seed. that the stupid song you want to release with Sailors Christians will not consume. Bure kabisa lubbish” Ringtone to Mr Seed.

However, in a quick retort, Mr seed also through his social media responded to Apoko stating that he should stop being judgmental, saying nobody is righteous and only God can judge. “…industry ya gospel imekuwa na issues, tumekuwa na a lot of judging badala ya ku support, fighting badala ya kusupport. Mtu akitakuchnage akuwe a gospel artiste tunamjudge badala ya kumsikiza tunamjudge, which is not right. We are not God.

We are not supposed to judge anyone na decision yenye amemake for me ku support Lexy from Sailors venye ameamua kufanya gospel imekuwa tena shida. My friend you are not God. First of all, God did not come for the church, God alikuja kwa wale watu hawamjui, wewe unamjua ni sawa, but stop judging others, stop fighting others, it’s not right” said Mr. Seed.

Seeds response comes when Lexy Yung of sailors quit from secular music and his band Sailors to join gospel.