Lolani Kalu opens music studio

by Helvine Achieng
July 2, 2021

Former NTV journalist Lolani Kalu has recently opened a music studio.Kalu  thanked his fans for helping him when he asked for their  help last year.

Speaking to Word Is, Lolani thanked all those who supported him. 

"As of now, I have a recording studio, a camera to do my recordings and to also go live with," he said.


"I have written a music theory book in Swahili titled Mawe Saba and I would like to request the Ministry of Education to have it in schools for music lessons.

"I have also recorded songs in the studio and I would kindly ask them to help me in shooting the video

"I also have another song speaking about the importance of being united as a country. I also ask them to subscribe to my YouTube channel, Lolani Media, so I can start earning from the site."