by Beatrice Ambasa
June 8, 2021

GengeTone artists Lexxy Yung and his wife have lost their baby boy during childbirth. 

Taking to Instagram, the lad had a lot to say as he mourned the loss of his son.

In a video that he posted, he stated;

A nail straight to my heart and my wife's heart

So me and my wife have been so excited and happy and prepared for our 1st child and that day came on June 4th and night ndio tulipata our labor pain na tukaenda hosi at limuru nursing hospital popularly known as Patel and my wife was admitted and l was told to go home l come the next day…

So next day nikakam happy prepared and all but I was awaited by bad news wasee ..A nurse alipashua maji ya wife which am not sure inafaa kupashuliwa and in that event akadunga mtoi and my baby boy who has been health anacheza nikimuita wa taken away ivo Tu …..

Nothing can bring him back ata pesa ngapi Bana but this was Not God will but someone kiherehere nakufanya kazi bila kuwa na umakini na bila knowledge ya daktari…I will seek justice for my baby boy coz haikufaa ivo ni Mtu alimuua