Kubamba host D.J. Moz reveals that he had a vasectomy.

by Helvine Achieng
July 12, 2021

Kubamba Radio host D.J. Moz has recently opened up on having a vasectomy as a family planning method since the burden of contraceptives should not be left to women alone. 

In an interview with Capital FM's Moz revealed that he chose to have the procedure after his wife developed complications with birth control methods. 

"I'm married, and I have been for 13 years. The reality is that the burden of family planning had always been on my wife. My wife had been on the pill for the longest time, and it was also not good for her, and I knew it was affecting her.

She and I had this conversation from time to time, and we had agreed that it had to stop. We had come to the point where we now had three kids, and the cycle had to stop. So vasectomy became an option," D.J. Moz revealed. 


The D.J. said that the procedure was successful and he is functioning normally.