Kisii Man Sets Cow on Fire over a Cup of Milk

by Helvine Achieng
May 7, 2021

A man has reportedly set ablaze a cow belonging to a relative after being denied milk in Bomwagamo, Nyamira County.

According to Nyambiri assistant chief Peter Oyange, Peter stated that the man later surrendered to the police and confessed to burning the lactating cow in the shed after being denied a cup of milk, further adding that the cow died in the inferno.

Nyamira County Commissioner Amos Mariba expressed concerns over rising cases of substance abuse among the youth that has contributed to an increase in cases of lawlessness in the county.

"We suspect such incidences could be linked to substance abuse among young people. Our fight against the vice is a notch higher, and we hope to bring the situation under control," Mariba said.