Kenyan Rapper Khaligraph disappointed by KFCB boss' remarks towards Eric Omondi, thus stating 'Heshimu Kipaji'

by Helvine Achieng
July 19, 2021

In the recent online war between Eric Omondi and KFCB boss, rapper Khaligraph Jones is among those that are deeply angered by Ezekiel Mutua's remarks. The rapper was enraged by comments made by the KFCB BOSS after he claimed the comedian Eric Omondi has no money and that the 200k he gave Bahati was all just for the gram. The rapper scoffed at the KFCB's boss on the issued comments, elaborating he has never gotten a hand out from the government or any institution and is comfortably earning from his craft.

In an online rant, O.G. stated,

"Heshimu Kipaji I had a short conversation with my Friend @ericomondi Concerning the current situation in Our Industry, I was Really disappointed by remarks made by some high-government top Ranked officials. hopefully, we will resolve the situation. watch this space. #respecttheogs" He captioned the video

On the same, Comedian Eric Omondi posted the same video seeking for an apology from the KFCB boss.

"Ambieni Ezekiel he has exactly 24 hours to Apologize to the entertainment industry "OR ELSE" atajua hajui. We (Entertainers) are the reason he is employed. Na kama imefika point anaona Entertainers are Useles people then itakua ngori juu ya ngori. 24 Hours Ezekiel 24 hours yaani Masaa Ishirini na Nne."