by Beatrice Ambasa
July 10, 2021

DJ Godfrey Zawadi has become a trending topic on various social platforms after he was ambushed by another man who shaved off his dreadlocks.

DJ Zawadi was pinned down by the angry man who accused him of not paying his girlfriend's money who is his hairdresser.

Despite begging the Kayole man to let him free saying ”I haven’t refused to pay. I will pay you,” the aggrieved boyfriend continued shaving the dreadlocks using a pair of scissors. 

While speaking to the Standard, DJ Zawadi confessed that he only knew the lady as opposed to the other men who ambushed him. 

According to him, he was still making plans to pay the woman the money he owed her.

“I had made a pact with Judy (the hairdresser) and yes I failed to honour my side of the bargain due to unavoidable circumstances. I was beaten up and I lost two phones and jewellery…I did not owe the men who roughed me up anything…I only owed the lady. Soon we shall set the record straight,” he was quoted by the Standard.

“I am doing well…I wish to tell young people out there that oftentimes friends will be with you when you party or oppress others but there comes a time only family can stand with you,” he added.