by Beatrice Ambasa
June 3, 2021

Kenya's youngest comedian 'TT Comedian' is the new wave in town with his hilarious character.

The bright and bold boy has become YouTube famous and is currently peoples favorite after cracking people up with his unique comedy.

During an exclusive interview, the comedian's manager revealed that they started posting his videos online last year.

"At his tender age, we noticed he was different. That is when we decided to tap into it."

Upon realizing his potential, they decided to launch his YouTube channel in January this year officially.

Five months in, he has wowed Kenyans with his unique sense of humour and his delivery of jokes.
With only 19 videos on YouTube, he has amassed over fourteen million views.

Most know him as the outspoken boy who has a stubborn character, but many don't know that he is actually enrolled in school at the PP1 level.

 Since he has to attend school, they shoot the videos over the weekend.

"In as much as he has a gift, we also want him to attend school; that is why we shoot on weekends. Our dream is to see him perform on a big stage worldwide. His gift will take him far," commented the manager.