by Beatrice Ambasa
April 12, 2021

Celebrity dance couple Tileh Pacbro and his girlfriend Martina are expecting their first child.

The couple broke the news to their fans via Instagram, where Martina posted a video of their relationship journey that showed how they met and when she got pregnant with their child.

She wrote: 'I am pregnant, and we have known for a while now, it was about time for us to tell the world. It has been HECTIC since we did find out, and honestly, it can get overwhelming when you tell everyone. But this is our reality right now so why not share it.. plus the bump would have made it obvious soon🥲. We love each other madly and are happy about this totally new experience.

 I expect everyone to be respectful towards Tileh and I during this pregnancy and especially towards the baby when he/she comes.

yall must have a lot of questions.. you can ask in the comments we will try to answer everything in upcoming youtube videos. 😊 subscribe to our youtube channels in the meantime, link in bio 💫'

Her post quickly attracted a number of reactions from fans who wrote beautiful congratulatory messages to her.

Some of the comments included:

Elodiezone - Your going to have the most beautiful baby in the world ❤️ and I'm so happy for you 🥲 I can't wait to meet the little one and I'm here to support in anyway you need ❤️

Suitcasegypsy - Oh my goodness Martina congratulations!! 🎉🎊 I've loved watching your journey, you're such an inspiration to so many people ♥️ what a lucky baby!😍

Sonia_kanyiri - Y'all my new fev.. welcome to motherhood, you're gonna love it.. enjoy the journey, God bless your union

Dejj.ldn_04 - Congratulations 👏❤️❤️❤️happy for you guys truly a beautiful couple ❤️😍

According to the video posted, one could tell she has been pregnant for a while now, clearly indicating that they decided to keep the pregnancy news to themselves until now.