by Beatrice Ambasa
June 29, 2021

Kenyan comedian Nick Chege who goes by the name Kartelo, has finally spoken on why he stopped creating content and reasons for quitting his radio job.

Kartelo became an internet sensation to most Kenyans, but his fame was short-lived.

The young comedian who hails from Kayole joined radio, Milele FM, where he stayed for over a year. 

In addition, he was also a co-host in Chipukeezy's show, where he stayed for months. Later on, the two split up, and it was speculated that there was bad blood between them.

 However, both of them cleared up the rumours and claimed that they still talk.

Speaking on Mungai's YouTube channel, Kartelo disclosed;

”Niliondekea kitu ka 2 months ago. Nimekuwa Milele for over one year plus. Nilitoka juu ya management ilichange. Kuna ile management yenye nilikuwa naskizana nayo. So, ule head of radio mwenye alikuwa hiyo time, ni msee alikuwa ana support dream yangu na ile kitu nataka kudu.”

A few weeks back, his fans were distraught that Kartelo was missing in action, especially on social media, which prompted comedian Mulamwa to sort him out and know his whereabouts.

However, Kartelo resurfaced and stated that he is fine and just needed to lay low though he promised his fans that he was working on a couple of big projects that he is yet to unveil.