Have You Met The Soulful Singer Noel Ndiritu?

by Muthoni Kimani
January 7, 2021

Noel Nderitu is a man with a different kind of sound. Many might know him from Nairobi's finest 'Men Of Soul' which consists of Manasseh shalom and Isaac Kimani. Noel's gospel songs might even be considered somewhat controversial. Describing himself as 'soulful', Noel prefers not to be tied to any music genre.

His sound feels like the perfect blend between R&B, soul and gospel music. His second album 'The Bridge' debuted at number 1 on iTunes Kenya charts and saw him win 2017's R&B Act at the Café Ngoma Awards.

In 2018, his single 'Perfect' won a Bronze Medal making him the only African recipient among the category's winner. The talented artist has big dreams; he once described his music saying;

"Soul-full is how I would describe it. Most of my songs are but an overflow of either what is happening in my heart or my conversations with God. I just want to express the gift in me and hope it impacts the people that it's meant to reach."

Noel went ahead and narrated some of the challenges he encounters;

"There are many common challenges we face as artists. For example, adapting to the ever and quick-changing nature of music consumption habits and trends; some of those changes have been very unpredictable.

Last year we depended on live, on-stage performances as a critical way to earn a living from our music. No one ever thought that we would have to, for a season, make do with performances designed for online platforms."

Time and time again Noel has said he would like to pour himself into others, what some call mentorship. He wants to help others become the best versions of themselves. Men of Soul's intention is to achieve in part, create a platform for those that are gifted but might not necessarily have the exposure they are looking for.