by Helvine Achieng
March 12, 2021

Gospel singer Nicah the Queen has come under fire following a video she uploaded on her social media flaunting her curvaceous figure while inviting believers to her church, Christ Embassy Nairobi, for fellowship. The singer explained that the video of her inviting people to church was innocent and was oblivious that people would make it more about her body and not fellowship.

"Apparently am trending for the video I did last Sunday inviting you guys to church...I did an innocent video and walked an innocent walk. If it was a petite person walking, I don't think it would have blown out of proportion, "she wrote.

The Ushuhuda singer explained that her love for God was genuine and should, therefore, not be judged according to how she dresses and carries herself.

"I love God and that will never change. My body should never at one point describe my religion nor my love for Christ and even if I wear a sack my bum will still jiggle. I welcome you to our church CHRIST EMBASSY ALONG SHIMO LA TEWA ROAD,"

Despite the musician's explanation regarding the video, a section of online users are still displeased with the singer's way of spreading the gospel of Christ. Here are some of their takes.

"Let's not sugar coat… Let's learn to be real… If the aim is to emulate Christ, then carry and present yourself as one....Either way… Jesus love you," wrote a fan by the username Missmelody_c

"I said it here this body glorification at the expense of the sanctity of the church is hypocritical and needs to STOP!" added Aisha_okere Another user by the name Pinto. Sankara advised Nicah to convey her message without cat walking out of the camera shot to avoid making the video about herself but God's work.

"Don't walk, just end the video there... anyway, welcome to Christ Embassy along Shimo la Tewa," he wrote. However, a notable fraction of her fans did not see anything wrong with her video and even urged her to ignore the criticism and continue being herself.

"Never try to satisfy people. It'll always be "for" or "against". Do what makes you happy. Are you supposed to be explaining yourself for being beautiful? What matters is the heart and intention. If they are genuine, let it rest. Esther, who became queen, is said to have been the fairest. Did that stop her from her mission?" wrote kamurua

This is, however, not the first time Nicah has had to address people talking about her body. About a year ago, the gospel singer was forced to pull down her bikini pictures from Instagram after being called out by fans.