Former President Admitted In Hospital

by Muthoni Kimani
June 30, 2020

Former president Mwai Kibaki is at the Nairobi hospital’s VIP ward. The hospital admitted him to manage a severe infection that put the former head of State in severe pain for the past ten days.

According to sources, the former head of the State complained of pain in the lower abdomen before he went to the hospital.

The doctors took his samples, and the results are already out.

The medics have assured us that there is nothing to worry about, and the experts are managing his pain.

“Samples were taken for testing in the lab. The results are out and nothing to worry about. His team of doctors is managing the pain.”

Another source later confirmed that there was no need to raise the alarm. According to him, the former president, Kenya’s 3rd president, usually goes for routine checks.

“It is a moral visit, and there is nothing new. He goes there more often for scheduled check-ups, be it once in a month or even twice. So no cause for alarm.”

Kibaki has maintained a low profile life since he retired from active politics in 2013.

It was not until the burial of Mzee Moi that the public saw him after a long time.