Femi One Releases Her First Major Project In 2021 .

by Muthoni Kimani
January 27, 2021

Femi One has just released the video for her single, Donjo, which is the picture-perfect video with visuals showcasing her fun side with dope dancing.

Ricco Beatz produced the Audio, ABH Sounds mixed and mastered it, and Trey Juelz directed the video.

The track is the perfect mix of hip hop and dancehall while maintaining Femi One's signature sound. It displays her lyrical prowess and playful wordplay which her fans have come to love. Donjo is sheng for sweet or enjoyable, and in the song, Femi One shares her version of a good and fun party.

Head Talent Manager Dennis Njenga said;

"Being one of the most successful artists in East Africa, Femi One has grown and natured her sound and voice over the years across the region. We are happy and confident that she is one of the success stories from Kenya and Africa,"

Femi One has been in the music industry for years now, and she has proven that she is a talented female artiste who can shine just as much as the male artists in the music industry.

Together with her team, Femi said, they took all the time learning and perfecting her art and sound over the years.

"I believe we have established the brand Femi One as a diverse and versatile artist. I have more in-store with a major announcement coming out soon from my management. Enjoy DONJO and thank you for the continued support."

Check Out Donjo Below!