Exceptional Police Officers

by Muthoni kimani
May 16, 2020

In the streets of Nakuru, a disabled man by the name Joseph Kimani has been spending rainy and cold nights in an incomplete construction building for over ten years.

In February 2020, two Administration Police officers were concerned when they saw Kimani try to struggle to take cover from heavy rains, only to check on him and release he was disabled.

The two Administration Police officers, Frederick Mahiga and Susan Barbra, went ahead to provide him with some food, clothes. Kimani asked for a little more, he wanted a wheelchair, which Mahiga went ahead to inquire how much it was and found out it costs 32,000.

Mahiga and Barbra went ahead and looked for wellwishers to support Kimani, with no luck. They didn't give up but instead decided to purchase the wheelchair from their salaries.

Kimani can move around comfortably now and is a delighted man. When presenting Kimani with his new wheelchair, Barbra stated, and I quote, "We are employed to serve Kenyans as a whole."

Mahiga and Barbra are praised for their efforts to save Kimani.