Eric Omondi Talks About Eviction From Lavington Where His Studio Is Located.

by Muthoni Kimani
February 8, 2021

Comedian Eric Omondi has made it clear that he will not bow down to pressure and intimidation to close down his Big Tyme Entertainment offices located in Lavington.

In a post shared on Instagram, Omondi disclosed that a woman has been trying so hard to get Lavington residents to append signatures for his eviction on the grounds of 'being noisy'.

"But you know Witchcraft takes many forms. And some people are just born evil. So there is this woman I keep telling you about that is HELL bent on ensuring young people do not prosper through Big Tyme Entertainment. Now shes been going around asking people to pend signatures and propagate lies so that we are evicted. BUT WHO IS GOD???? He will fight for us to the End" shared Eric Omondi.

In November last year, Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) moved in to close down Omondi's studios and Company offices in Lavington on grounds of being established in a residential area.

At that particular time, Omondi shared a video explaining that NMS had branded his famous "Eric Omondi Studios' and Big Tyme Entertainment offices" illegal, asking him to move his business to another location.

An angry Omondi stated that he would not bow down to pressure and intimidation from people who want to sabotage his dream. "We woke up today at Big Tyme Entertainment to this 'Illegal NMS;

Site closed on 30/11/2020. They are saying we are not supposed to have a business in this area, while we have Coke Studios here, we have Azam TV, three schools here, offices but they are saying we are not supposed to have a business here because it's a residential area. But there are more residents that offices" said Eric Omondi.