by Beatrice Ambasa
June 28, 2021

World celebrated marathon winner Eliud Kipchoge is definitely one of the few most celebrated and inspirational athletes of our time.

Kipchoge continues to give Kenyans reasons to be proud even after breaking world records.

Now, Kipchoge has announced the release date of the latest trailer for his upcoming sports documentary, Kipchoge: The Last Milestone.

"In the journey of life there are ups and downs. In a marathon there are a lot of challenges, ups and downs. There is pain in training, pain in running and joy at the end of the marathon," Kipchoge says in the trailer.

The film, set to be released digitally on August 24th, follows Kipchoge’s attempts to run 26.2 miles in under two hours in Vienna, Austria, to break ‘the last milestone’ in his sporting career.

The Last Milestone takes the viewer on a journey whilst interviewing the people closest to him.

Kipchoge desires to inspire hope while attempting to make history by running a marathon under two hours.

The film, directed by Jake Scott and produced by his father Ridley Scott, follows Kipchoge from his training grounds in Kenya to the high-tech facilities in Europe, and finally to his record-setting attempt in Vienna.