Dr. Dre Ordered To Pay $500,000 To Wife’s Lawyers

by Helvine Achieng
April 30, 2021

Superior Court Judge has  ordered Dre to pay his ex wife's  lawyers $500,000 within 10 days while a decision on the spousal support issue is being delayed until another hearing on July 8.

“Pending the next hearing dates on this matter, the Court grants only $500,000 in attorney’s fees to petitioner’s (Nicole’s) counsel … Fees are to be paid to petitioner’s counsel, no later than May 7.”

Nicole Young , who has been married to the hip-hop icon since 1996 ,asked the  Judge Michael Powell to force Dre to pay $2 million per month in spousal support and $5 million for her attorney fees.

From the ruling, the 56-year-old star has agreed to continue paying for Nicole’s monthly expenses and will also continue to pay the mortgage on the Malibu home the 51 year old lives in.

However, the producer has insisted he won’t pay for her security costs.Dre has  also further denied Nicole’s allegations of emotional and physical abuse.