Did You Know Where The Creative Process Of Creating Music Masterpiece Begins?

by Muthoni Kimani
January 27, 2021

For some, it’s from that thought that strikes at midnight, or watching the sunset or enjoying moments with friends at a getaway, or maybe it’s a combination of all these different moments.

Well for H_art the Band and Cedo they create music while at a creative camp getaway: pure genius and one realizes those good things don’t come easy, require commitment, and require an admirable work ethic teamwork. With super-producer Cedo on board, the only result possible is greatness!

One may ask, why are creative camps is important? According to Cedo, the camps are a fantastic way to get rid of distractions;

“In these camps, we are able to have a proper sit down with artistes, review their vision, discuss the project at hand as a team and determine the most efficient way of delivering. The package comes with other elements such as photography,”

According to Irene Leornard Mbowe, the Chief Commercial Officer at Cedric Kadenyi Limited, the camps are meant to give the team ample time to look at the different production elements and produce music with minimal distraction.

Irene said; “Over time, we realized that it was difficult to offer our services holistically to walk-in clients. We wanted to offer them so much more than just a beat to a song,the company’s services range from Business Strategy, Publishing and Distribution, Edutainment and Entertainment.”

Irene added;

“We assist artistes in articulating their vision if they don’t already have one, to develop financial and entrepreneurial goals. Music is part of larger entertainment industry; it’s business. And one has to understand the different support systems that carry the gift,” Some of the artists that Cedo has spent time with at the creative camps are Nyashinski, H_art the Band, Nameless and Wahu, Wanavokali and many more.