Diamond Platnumz Wasafi FM Suspended Over Abusive Language!

by Muthoni Kimani
September 14, 2020

The Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) has banned Diamond Platinum’s Wasafi FM for seven days for violating communication regulations and airing offensive language. The ban which took effect on September 12.

Speaking at a presser, TCRA Director-General James Kilaba said the station allegedly infringed on August 1 and August 4 on two programs, ‘Switch’ and ‘Mashamsham’.

According to Mr Kilaba, the presenters aired abusive language, contrary to licensing regulations;

“From the moment I make this announcement, the station is required to stop regular programming and air an apology for the remaining hours of Friday, before effectively beginning to serve the ban on September 12.”

Following the announcement, Wasafi Fm management issued an apology on all their platforms. The management also said they shall remain off air until September 18 2020;

“In line with the TCRA directive, the management of Wasafi FM would like to apologize to TCRA and Tanzanians for using inappropriate language in our shows ‘Switch’ and ‘Mashamsham’ in violation of the communications act. We humbly accept the penalty from TCRA and sincerely apologize. We will also be going off-air until September 18.”

Speaking after the ban, Diamond told fans to hang in there, and they will be back after six days.