Daniel Kaluuya Wins BAFTA Award For 'Judas And The Black Messiah'

by Helvine Achieng
April 12, 2021

The 32-year-old actor Daniel Kaluuya has won the Best Supporting Actor prize for his part in 'Judas and the Black Messiah' at the BAFTA Film Awards. The BAFTA award took place on Sunday night, and after bagging the win, Kaluuya Marked the occasion by taking some time to "chill out".

 "I'm going to have a bath; I'm going to chill out. I'm doing piano lessons, so I might do some piano."

Asked on how he felt about winning the award, Kaluuya said in a Winner's Press Conference: 

"Feeling good, feeling good. I don't know [if this means I've fully risen]. I've still got a lot of work to do, so I'm still cracking on."

The Black Messiah actor also responded to the buzz surrounding a possible Oscar win after picking up the BAFTA gong and secured a Screen Actor's Guild Award, Critics' Choice Award and Golden Globe Award earlier this year.

"I'm a chill man – I take every day as it comes. I don't think like that. I'm just chill. I'm enjoying this; I've got a vibe out for this. I'm chilling with this – I'm not thinking about the Oscars right now." said Daniel.

Kaluuya wishes the BAFTAs could have taken place, as usual, not virtually owing to the coronavirus pandemic, as he thinks it would have been an experience to have everyone together again.

 "It's a vibe. When you go to the BAFTAs, you see everything you've grown up with and the people you've come up with. You haven't seen people for the longest, so it would have just been more of an experience. I'm grateful, though, that I'm here."