by Beatrice Ambasa
May 20, 2021

Comedian and Kiss, 100 radio presenter Jalang'o has shared his 2-cents on the gender equality topic and responsibilities, which has caused a stir over the past years.

According to Jalango, women should not be paying bills for men. He claims that society has made men lazy because some women tolerate men who can't pay bills. 

Speaking alongside his co-host Kamene Goro, Jalango stated;

"…You pay bills for men, then come here and start complaining. It is you women who have brought up a breed of men who are comfortable… It's not a habit that I'm creating. I've always told you that where I come from, I don't know women who pay bills for us and I don't accept it. But then there's a breed of women who have constantly and heroniously and periodically just decided that…

Why are you paying bills for men? Ask yourself, why have you accepted to remove your money to pay for a man bills?"

Over the past, several women have stated that they take care of their men, or rather, they pay the bills in the house.

Unlike Jalango, some men are comfortable with women paying the bills. With the rise of single mothers in the country, a new breed of independent women was born, and most men are said to feel intimidated by women.