DNG announces entry into politics

by Beatrice Ambasa
April 29, 2021

Davidson Ngibuini, popularly known as DNG, has recently announced his entry into politics.

Speaking in an interview, DNG stated that he is actively involved in politics.

DNG pointed out that politics is not only about being president, Governor, or a Member of Parliament, as many people assume, but about everything affecting our lives.

"One thing I tell everybody and I've been asked this question everywhere I go people think that politics is only when you are president or a governor or an MP or an MCA, no. Politics is concerned about everything, politics is the art of governance. How we are being governed is bad, therefore when we talk about bad governance, poor leadership, ineffective legislation and presidential directives, we are already in politics. So, yes, I'm already in politics actively. My Initiative Who's Your Leader is about leadership and governance. We are talking about we want good leadership, servant leadership and good governance that's all we are asking for. Hatutaki viongozi ambao hawajali wananchi, so niko ndani!” said DNG

DNG further stated that his Initiative dubbed Who's Your Leader is about leadership and governance and that speaking out against how badly we are currently being governed and the poor leadership is being in politics itself.