DJ Moh Cheating On Size 8 Since 2016!

by Muthoni Kimani
October 7, 2020

It’s been two weeks now and Size 8 and DJ Mo are still trending after rumors that Dj Mo has been cheating on his Wife.

On their Dine with the Murayas episode which was uploaded on their YouTube channel, DJ Mo explained his side of the story to Pastor Chege saying that they had a quarrel on set recently and that’s where the trouble started.

He said after the shoot, Size 8 ‘unfollowed me on Instagram’ and that’s where cheating rumors started.

That said a woman who only identifies herself as Margaret has leaked photos proving that she had an affair with gospel spin master DJ Moh.

Speaking to Edgar Obare, Margaret revealed she had been DJ Moh’s side dish since 2016. She then went on to provide evidence of their chats where the two were texting on Whats App and calling each other sweet names.

Obare requested Margaret with Moh’s number so he could authenticate her story. He sent ksh ten bob to the number and the name displayed as ‘Samuel Muraya Kanyingi’, which is the DJ’s real name.

Margaret further revealed that she does not live in Kenya and only meets up with DJ Moh when she comes for holidays. According to Margaret, DJ Moh always lied to Size 8 that he had gone for business meetings. However, he was spending time with Margaret for a whole week!

Well keep it right here to know if there is truly trouble in Paradise!