DJ Jo Mfalme speaks up for the first time after the termination of his contract. “Everybody Deserves A Second Chance”

by Helvine Achieng
April 8, 2021

Veteran Kenyan disc jockey Joe Mwenda Munoru popularly known to many as DJ Joe Mfalme, has spoken for the first time since Radio Africa Group terminated his contract at Homeboyz Radio over the weekend.

Recently, Radio Africa sacked DJ Joe Mfalme alongside Shaffie Weru and Neville Musya following public outrage over statements the trio made while discussing an incident in which a man pushed a woman out of a 12th-floor window on their first date.

 Mfalme, who was sacked despite issuing a public apology, says he is still remorseful. Taking to social media, this is what he stated.

“You know, after you do an apology, I mean, everybody deserves a second chance. After a slip of the tongue, you issue an apology and wait for forgiveness, there is not much you can do, however, remorseful you are.”

Mfalme added that he has talked to his clients regarding the incident, and his businesses were not immensely affected.

“I am working at Maisha Magic and K24 TV and I am continuing with my mixtapes. At K24 TV, I work as a producer for a couple of shows there. Sometimes I make guest appearances on the morning show. I produce ‘Playlist’, and ‘Countdown’ shows on K24 TV, and on Maisha Magic, I work on the ‘Turn Up’ show,” he said.