Comedian Crazy Kennar launches his own eatery

by Helvine Achieng
May 26, 2021

Kenyan comedian Crazy Kenar of the famous Tales of Crazy Kennar has launched his own eatery  called Instant Delicacies.The new Restaurant that was officially launched on May 25th is located at the Juja Square.

A happy Kennar took to social media to announce that his Restaurant was now open to the public, thanking all who showed up for the launch.The eateries  launch was graced by a few close friends and celebrities and among them; Actress Jackie Vike aka Awinja, Alinur Mohanmed, Alex Mathenge, Kibunja, Cartoon Comedian, Flaqo Raz and the whole crew of “Tales of Crazy Kenner”.

Now Open

“And that is how @instant_delicacies OFFICIAL launch went down you're all welcomed. Wacha sasa nirudi niwachekeshe kidogo😂😂😂”

“Asanteni kwa wote waliokuja together with my collegues @jackyvike @cartoon.comedian @flaqo411 @alexmathenge_ The Launch was a success @instant_delicacies” shared Kenner.

Aspiring politician Alinur Mohamed who was part of the launch also took to social media to congratulate Kenner for the bold step towards investment.

Actress Jackie Vike aka Awinja also jot down a congratulatory message that says;

“Today I got to witness this young Man @crazy_kennar Launch his Restaurant, so proud of him, ukiwa Juja town ingia ama ata piga order ya Delivery na utaipata instantly pale @instant_delicacies 😉 Kongole tena ndugu mpendwa😅 @cartoon.comedian

@flaqo411 @honalinur” wrote Awinja.

“Comedian @crazy_kennar has opened his own Hotel @instant_delicacies and I had the honour of opening it officially today. I feel so good when young people start investing the small money they get in businesses of their dreams. I will always support such young and brave people to realize their dreams” stated Alinur