Chris Kaiga calls out Safaricom for using phrases from his hit songs!

by Muthoni Kimani
October 13, 2020

Rapper Chris Kaiga is calling out Kenyan top communications company Safaricom for using phrases from his hit songs without consulting or acknowledging him.

The rapper aired his complaint on twitter, where he highlighted how Safaricom has used two of his catchy phrases within a period of one year yet failed to reach out to him even once.

The two phrases which Kaiga insists he owns the copyright to are ‘ziende chain chain’ and ‘zimenice zimenice zangu zimenice’ which were both lyrics to his catchy songs.

Safaricom incorporated both the statements in two of their campaigns dubbed, ‘sms ziende chain chain’ and ‘zimenice zimenice zangu zimenice na blaze by Safaricom,’ without seeking the permission of the song owner, Chris Kaiga.

“Now Safaricom PLC, they are running another campaign dubbed “SMS Ziende Chain Chain” without reference to me. Is this the arrogance of market dominance or just utter disrespect for Kenyan creatives? Something needs to be done!”

Chris had ignored the first infringement of the copyright of his music 11 months ago, but decided to speak out when Safaricom used his content once again this time around.

He was not happy with the situation and went on to ask if such an action would be because of the arrogance of market dominance or just disrespect of Kenyan artists.

“It’s high time Safaricom PLC got called out for infringing on my creative works! Less than a year ago they ran a campaign dubbed “Zimenice Zimenice zangu Zimenice na blaze by Safaricom” which I hold the registered Trademark and copyrights to the song.”