Choose Your Character This Quarantine Season.

May 8, 2020

Heyy, fashion geek, I know it seems like forever until you get to play dress up. Especially if you have to stay indoors. Since life, as we know, is changing. It is essential to note the things that you are in control of. Now that you are home, do not break your routine; instead, add on it a little. Finish that book you were reading. Try that recipe you know you like so much. Nop! Don't spend 15 hours of your day to complete that series on Netflix; it's a setup. Since time will pass anyway, why not use it meaningfully. The thing is, do not forget about what you love. You might just be onto something, a side hustle you never saw coming, better still a fully-fledged business.

So Fashion lovers, I urge you to dress up, play a little, live a little. You never know who might like how you pair up your outfits. Now that spring is finally here, we have curated for you our favorite trends that are dominating May.

The Fashion rule book is that color and spring are friends. That couldn't be truer; still you can make your rule book. Check out our rule book.

Nude and neutral colors are your best friend. It is not yet a total lockdown, so if you have to leave the house dress to show up. Beauty is not canceled; music is not canceled, and neither is fashion. Go all out just because you can.