Chemutai Sage Is Cooking Up Something With Dillie Of Houseofdillie

by Muthoni Kimani
January 12, 2021

Chemutai Sage intends to own 2021 with everything she's got, at least musically.

The talented songbird has worked with Smallz Lethal and Octopizzo, and she is looking forward to working with Dillie of House of Dillie.

Dillie has been in the game for a while, as a record producer, he has helped shape the Kenyan music industry as we know it today. Many say working with him is a privilege because he's one of the country's best record producers.

Taking to social media, the beautiful, talented vocalist shared a photo of herself with the legendary record producer hinting they are "cooking up" something together;

"Reunited with the homie @houseofdillie 🥰 Guess what???" Her fans can't wait for what she has up her sleeve when releasing new music this year, especially after she owned the airwaves with her 'Jungle Trap' project last year.

karun.i.verse "New music!?!? 💃💃💃💃"

machembe23 Dillie with the keys, Sage with the vocals, something's cooking