Caroline Mutoko Roasts Kenyan Men

by Muthoni Kimani
July 23, 2020

Renowned media personality Caroline Mutoko has come out to attack men as he accused them of pretending to be immune to Coronavirus, following Papa Shirandula's contentious demise.

Caroline called out Kenyan men for having an ego size to Mount Everest, yet they can't afford to take fruits, wash hands, or just take frequent baths to protect themselves and their families from Covid-19.

She didn't forget to mention that ignorance and pride is what will take them to their grave if they don't watch out;

“The very idea that a virus could come after you, all the men that you are is impossible, until the virus does come to you. Number two “Oh Lord, you hate water!” Someone has to beg you to wash your hands and this is pre-Covid. “Ow, shower? Oh that’s news!” The fearless queen didn’t stop there;

“Nobody can make you eat anything that does not look like a cow or a goat. “Mi sikulangi matunda. Hiyo ni ya watoto na wanawake”. And yet, the Vitamin C you need, can be put on a plate. We have tried to put effervescent taps for you to drink and you´re like, “mi sikunywangi hizo vitu, ikiwa si ka-Glen fulani.”

Caroline didn't forget to mention how Kenyan men behave when it comes to hospitals;

You, see a doctor? You’re like “apana, nitakunya kasomething.

Chang’aa huuwa hii kitu”. Because you can’t even be told, you’re like “Apana, mi siendagi hospitali, I could die there!”