Britney Spears Dad tells court he is 'sorry' to see daughter in so much pain

by Helvine Achieng
June 24, 2021

A short statement read out in court on Wednesday on behalf of Britney Spears' conservator father Jamie, 68, said he is sorry to see his pop star daughter suffering. Jamie stated that  he is "sorry" to see his daughter suffering as the singer took to the stand remotely on Wednesday in a bid to end her conservatorship. The pop star made an array of allegations against her father stating she was traumatized and cried every day.

"I just want my life back," she said.

"I want to end this conservatorship without being evaluated." 

"I deserve to have a life, I've worked my whole life. I deserve to have a two to three-year break. "Spears told the court in an emotional 20-minute address by video link.


"This conservatorship is doing me way more harm than good," she said.

"I'm not happy, I can't sleep. I'm so angry and I cry every day."

Under the current conservatorship ruling, Jamie, 68, is in control of his 39-year-old daughter's financial and business decisions and for that and other mistakes, Spears claimed that her dad should be jailed for the part he has played in the whole situation stating,

"My dad and anyone involved in this conservatorship, including my management … they should be in jail."I’ve told the world I’m happy and OK. I lied. I am not happy, I can’t sleep. I’m so angry, it’s insane. And I’m depressed." "Ma’am, I am not here to be anyone’s slave. I can say no to a dance move."

As the allegations continued, a short statement was read out on Jamie's behalf in which his sorrow at the situation was expressed.The statement at the testimony read:

 "He is sorry to see his daughter suffering and in so much pain.

"Mr Spears loves his daughter very much."

Spears  also accused her father and others who control her 2008 conservatorship agreement of exploiting her, preventing her from having a child, and intimidating her into touring.