Anita Nderu Speaks Out After Her Video Went Viral !

by Muthoni Kimani
July 5, 2020

Kenyan TV and radio presenter, Anita Nderu has found herself in a tight spot after her sexually explicit video on her cooking show ‘The Overdressed Cook.’

The former Capital FM presenter decided to feature her friends in the episode and give them a chance to be themselves,she loudly admitted she is ´pro LGBTQ´.

This however was not received well by netizens who instead took to her comment section to express total disappointment and condemn her behavior.some even went ahead called on KFCB Moral police Ezekiel Mutua;

That said Anita took it upon herself to address the issue that had since gone viral.she wrote on her twitter account; It’s time to address the nation😂

The talented Host started by clarifying that the cooking oil brand,’ Fresh Fri,’ she used in her kitchen during the show, was not in any way a part of her campaign, it just happened to be coincidence;

She further explained she is not going to be a victim of cyberbullying whatsoever for expressing her own thoughts;

Anita went ahead and encouraged her Kenyans to embrace diversity, encourage authenticity and celebrate our differences instead of always countering views expressed.