Alvan Gatitu Left Homeless Due To Unpaid Rent

by Muthoni Kimani
July 6, 2020

Former Tusker Project fame Alvan Gatitu also known as Alvan Love has opened up about how Covid-19 has left him homeless after being locked out by the landlord.

He was forced to spend the night in the cold after he was locked out of his house due to rent arrears.

The Internet star explained that his water and electricity supply had been cut off for one and half weeks ago.

He explained that he has been trying to make ends meet but his business was not working.

He expressed himself through a video;

“I am outside here feeling very vulnerable.The reason I am taking this video is to encourage someone. Covid-19 has affected different people in different ways.Some are sick and some like me have had their livelihoods affected. I am on the street at 5;30 in the morning because I slept in a guards booth.The landlady and the landlord decided they have their own problems so I chose to leave.By then I had my electricity and water cut off for one and a half weeks. Trying to make ends meet has not been working.I had not paid my rent for a couple of months and when I came home from a very long day I found my gate and house locked.”

Alvan went ahead and explained how reached out to people he thought were his best friends but none of them came to his aid! “I tried calling my landlord and the manager but they did not pick my calls, so I had to leave,I called two of my closest friends and they couldn't host me apparently they have their own problems.I had thought another friend could help but when I reached their gate he told the guards not to open the gate for me.I explained to the guards and they let me sleep at their place, so I laid some cartons and slept there.There is a day that comes and friends fail you and you can’t put one and one together.”

The talented comedian didn't give up so he cried out to his church;

“I called my church but they gave me only 2K, The boda guy I hired to drop me at my friend's place charged me 1K so I only have a thousand bob left.”

Alvan said that he was not going to lie that he was not struggling because he is a celebrity.

He said that people can be trending on social media for good reasons but they are still struggling.

“I am here to remove the whole celebrity lies, You can trend for months but still have nothing going on for you. Life is real let us not pretend about anything. I do not know how Covid-19 has affected you but this is my story and am not ashamed of it.I am gonna be OK. Kama una shida ongea, find someone and talk. Kukufa na stress si poa.”