Adelle Set To Represent Kenya On Podcast Day!

by Muthoni Kimani
October 1, 2020

Social activist Adelle Onyango has been selected as one of the media personalities to represent Kenya at a 24-hour Live stream event on International Podcast Day.

The talented presenter come influencer wrote on her Instagram; "So before I share how AWESOME my #InternationalPodcastDay is going...I just want to thank...•my neighbors for turning off their water pumps during my recording hours 😂😂😂"

She added;

"EVERYONE who listens to @legallycluelesspodcast and shares about it!Everyone who's shared a story on the podcast, chatted the hotline number, organizations who have partnered with the podcast @traceeasternafrica for syndicating it!!!•and me....for daring to be!#LegallyClueless #AfricanPodcast #AfricanPodcasters #Podcast”

Adelle says that her presentation will focus on her experience in podcasting. She also made it clear her presentation will focus on her experience in podcasting.

"I will also be looking at how podcasting has given Kenyans agency over their stories,I have also prepared a video that showcases some local podcasters as well as developments that will position them on the continental stage."

Talking about what this opportunity means for her journey as a podcaster, Adelle said it is so validating that she is a year and a half into podcasting.

"My podcast has grown to the point of being recognized globally.It makes all the hard work so valid. Since I launched my podcast, I have put out an episode every week that has added more voices to the African narrative."

She concluded by saying;

"The podcast has a large audience in Kenya and I also do get a lot of feedback from the USA, UK, Ghana, Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania. This is growth that I truly appreciate and I am very proud of."