Actress And Producer Shiviske Shivisi Talks About Her Short film; 'My Jubilee'.

by Muthoni Kimani
February 10, 2021

Actress and producer Shiviske Shivisi recently directed a short film, 'My Jubilee', which speaks about rape.

Talking in an interview the award-winning star said;

"My film is about a lady who’s been raped 50 times and decided she would do whatever it takes to heal. Even if it meant killing." Shivisi has also been featured in the popular award-winning film '40 Sticks'. Where she plays two roles, Leah seeks revenge and has to disguise herself as Dakari, who’s male, in order to fulfill her mission.

She went on to describe it as the most challenging set she's been on yet. "Beards are uncomfortable, if I may. Being part of such a huge film was food for my soul. It was an experience I’ll live to remember, from learning stunts to accidents on sets to mostly shooting at night because a huge part of the story happened at night."

She went on and said; that the film 'Poacher', is the closest to her heart to date;

"It is the first set where, as an actor, I truly felt appreciated and that I mattered. The attention to detail that the director, Tom Whitworth, had was incredible. The workmanship that everyone brought was phenomenal."

That said the talented actress has been nominated for the Women In Film Awards.

She narrates; "I was quite elated, considering the process in which they use to nominate. I did not send in my name for any consideration, yet there I was, nominated among splendid women,"

Shivisi added; "There’s so much to be grateful for if we took a moment and looked at every single thing around us. Also, it’s always great to have multiple sources of income."