by Beatrice Ambasa
April 16, 2021

Kenyan controversial singer Akothee has released a new banger on YouTube, clapping back on relatives and friends who try to bring her down.

The video dubbed Hayakuhusu talks about how people who hardly know her, have so much to say about her life.

Akothee in her song, explains that what happens in her life does not concern anybody else apart from her, therefore warning those quick to judge her deceased.

She sang, Mbona inakuchamba na haikuhusu, ninapo kula butter unakesha Insta, kazi yako umbea kazidi camera, mbona unashindana na mimi.

Her song comes a day after she broke down on Instagram explaining that she was hurt by the ronurs spread by her family.

Akothee stated that she considers the Illuminati rumours disrespectful as the people circulating them are close family members and friends who know her journey very well and how she could change her life from rags to riches.

The Akothee Safaris CEO urged the family members to stop being jealous and instead appreciate her success. 

"I just grew up with you guys, some have even seen my journey, and today, nobody appreciates it… So none of you saw me growing to this level, or is it poverty that brings this pain?" she posted. 

She wondered why they still seek her assistance, yet they say she belongs to the rumored secret society speculated to worship other 'gods'.