by Moses Onyango
January 11, 2021

Award-winning singer/songwriter and entertainer akothee has often proved to us just how much she does not care about what people think about her, past, and present lifestyle. Many people perceive her as a go-getter, others perceive her as arrogant, never the less she has made her mark on this planet.

She recently shocked her followers with some shocking news when she took to her Instagram to let everyone know about a son she had and lost that people never really knew about.

Roberts Woody Okello was the second born to the singer who unfortunately died at eight months. In a heartfelt post on Thursday the seventh of January she reflected on woody's death, her humbling beginnings, struggles as a young mother and her relationship with her kids.

The akothee safaris founder mentioned that her son is buried in the property she lived in back in the day with her daughters Vesha Awuor, Celine Aggry, Prudence Vanpelt and her ex-husband Jared Okello.

In the post she said; "This is my first home, the house where I conceived my first four children; Vesha Awuor Okello, Roberts Woody Okello, Celine Dion Aggry Brown Okello and Prudence Vanpelt Okello. The secondborn didn't make it, he died at eight months and was buried right behind this house," she captioned. "I lived in this house with my children while their dad was in university. I had a small shop in Kanga market, which I could only afford to open in the evening for one hour after I came back from school."

She added;

"I would wake up early in the morning, prepared my kids for school, dropped them at kindergarten (Kanga teachers quarters ) then walked 2 kilometres to Kanyaserega Secondary School to finalise my secondary school which I had droped out of in form two. One more time - courage. All my children look alike coz I concentrate on one man at a time, but not afraid to move on once it's over."