April 3, 2021

Kenyan socialite Shakila has decided to send social media into a frenzy after revealing the amount her parents will be receiving as her bride price.

The lass, who recently disclosed that the lockdown caught up with her while still in Tanzania, felt like the streets were forgetting who she was and so took the liberty to remind us all.

Taking to her Instagram account, the 19- year-old girl stated that she is not expecting anything less than Ksh 10 million, 15 bulls and house shopping worth Ksh 100,000.

In her words, she wrote: "If I was to get married right now, my dowry would stand at (Ksh) 10 million... Facts, that's exclusive of the 15 bulls and house shopping of not less than (KSh) 100k."

Her revelation has since led to a social media standstill, with many trolling the sassy teenager for her demands.

It seems all this money and gifts from her future husband will be received by her mother alone, following her non- existing relationship with her father.

During an interview with Radio Jambo, Shakila revealed that she stopped associating with her biological father, further stating that they do not communicate.

She explained her father never really understood her from day one, especially when she started having issues involving her.

"We had arguments in the house; he kept saying I am disrespectful, and I was also saying I have a voice and I needed to be heard and he would say that he is the head of the family and that I should listen to everything that he says," Shakilla disclosed Shakila rose to fame in 2020 during the pandemic as she entertained her thousands of followers with scandalous expose's that tarnished the names of personalities in the music and sports industry.

Many have concluded that the teen might be delusional for asking for such an amount considering her reputation, but it seems the lass has done her math and equated the Ksh 10 million, 15 bulls and shopping word Ksh 100,000 to her fame.