by Beatrice Ambasa
May 29, 2021

Famous musician couple Nameless and Wahu are among the couples that prove marriage works. 

The love birds have been serving us couple goals and proving to us that marriage really works.

The two sweetheart’s love story is a mesmerizing one; considering Wahu made her first move to Nameless while he was still tarmacking and not well off financially. Both were into music and met at Grand Regency while performing.

Narrating on ‘This Love’ episode 1, on  how they first met and who made the first move, the mother of two revealed; 

”I remember my first impression of him. He was wearing a brown, small leather jacket… Kadogo na sandles, na jeans. Na I think kakofia. So nashindwa, uyu msee anaingia stage kweli? And we were flowing. I had never flowed like that with a guy before. Like nacheka, unanichekesha. Energy is just bouncing back and forth nicely. I was like, I love it.”

Their l friend Big Ted also revealed that he was interested in Wahu and his intentions were true… but nameless swooped in and stole her heart.

”Before Nameless, was Big Ted. Watu walikuwa wanajua mimi ndio ningekuwa Mr. Wahu… Nameless alikuwa amechapa. I tried to block him off and make sure nothing was going on…”

Nameless and Wahu have two beautiful children together and have been married happily for over 15 years.