by Beatrice Ambasa
June 3, 2021

Famous Kenyan singer Akothee has weighed in on Comedian's Elsa Majimbo's vow not to return to Kenya.

Taking to Instagram Akothee, narrated her experience with online trolls saying that she bullies her trolls back.

She explained that she could never let others dictate her future, and so she does not understand why Elsa Majimbo vowed never to return to Kenya.

She posted;

“Mimi Sihami hii kenya ,tunangangana tu hapa , hata waniitukane Aje, wakinitukana,nawatukana wakinipenda nawapenda, Mimi siwezi wachia mtu utamu ya kenya sababu ya mtu anapangusa matako na oboke No Way. I told my kids the same,mtu. Akikutusi online,jiachilie,matusi kwa gunia walishwe,” read her statement in part.

Earlier on, the teen internet sensation, shocked not only Kenyans but the world with her revelation after an interview with Dubai's Anash Bukhash on Tuesday, May 25th, where she stated that she has faced a lot of hostility and a lot of bullying from Kenyans both on her craft and personally.

Majimbo went on to add that she has faced criticism since high school and would be considering living in South Africa rather than return to Kenya.

"I have faced a lot of bullying in Nairobi and when I say bullying people only think about the internet, but it has been my whole life. At the university, I chose my friends and the company I was in and it got easier. But when I got to the internet it became as worse as it was in high school. I would mind my own business and sit inside the house in Nairobi. When I left for South Africa in February, I left and never went back to Kenya.," said Majimbo.

The Hayakuhusu hitmaker also addressed colourism, condemning the actions of those who make dark-skinned people feel lesser.

"Light skin girls /boys wazungu wa internet think they have a right over dark-skinned girls. Hello allow people live their lives. It's A pity you push young girls into thinking black is ugly Nkt," continued Akothee.