by Beatrice Ambasa
April 13, 2021

Famous Kisii singer Christopher Nyangwara Mosioma popularly known as Embarambamba has been forced to explain why he dances and acts in a cuckoo manner.

In a recent interview with Nation, the Gospel singer revealed that he acts the way he does in his music videos or during a performance because the Holy Spirit has filled him.

He added that people should not expect him to change because he is serving God differently.

‘Nikona nguvu nyingi ambayo imetumwa kutoka mbinguni, Mungu anatuma malaika wake wananishikilia hapo niki dance, unaona naenda kwa matope, juu ya hema, nina roll, nazunguka kama round about.

Msijali vile nacheza, ni mungu ametuma malaika wanijaze, ili nimtumikie kwa njia ya mbaramba.’

His revelation about why he dances in such a manner comes weeks after his videos went viral, and the public claimed that he was mad and needed to be checked or locked up.

It's clear that Christopher is the most dramatic Kisii artist of our time, and he will not be changing his style anytime soon.

Christopher rose to fame because of his unique dancing styles. As he performs, he wriggles, jumps, dashes about and swirls, not to forget dancing in the mud, hanging on tents and his nutty high kicks.

 He started singing in 2004, and one could tell that he has a distinct love for green attire that always seems to set him apart from other performers. 

He never seems to get hurt, even when he throws himself onto messy and slimy mud. The strong-boned performer fears nothing or no one and ignores criticism that is thrown his way.