by Helvine Achieng
February 22, 2021

Dj Evolve has been receiving treatment for a very long time after an incident during one of the club sessions that left him with two bullets on the neck.

Recently in an interview on Radio, his dad said that the DJ was not doing quite well and has been in-home care for five months.

"He has been having fever for some time, and the doctors have taken blood samples for testing to find out what the issue is." "Though I can say he is not where he was when he started out. He is doing much better as he can, even lift his arms."

The dad further stated that Evolves' younger brother had been taking care of him at home and that Evolves memory is still okay since he can remember well what happened.

"He has a nurse 24 hours, and his small brother is taking care of everything." John Orinda, Evolves dad, also mentioned in the interview that the DJs girlfriend has been visiting still, and his friends still are in contact with them, and they regularly check upon him.

"DJ Evolve had introduced me to his girlfriend, and even after the shooting incident, she still visits him and takes care of him." His friends have also stood with him through thick and thin and visit him from time to time.

During the interview, Orinda also explained why he thanked Babu Owino, making him trend on social media for days. "I pray for my son to get better. I was criticized for thanking Babu Owino, but the fact that he took my son to the hospital in good time, I said thank you."

"That is why I said thank you because if my son died, I do not know how my life would be. I am still saying thank you, but I thank God my son is still alive."

Orinda has stated that the journey to recovery for their son hasn't been a walk in the park, and he prays that all will be okay and his son will heal.