'A Close shave with death' - Singer Samidoh’s Wife, Edith States After An Accident

by Helvine Achieng
March 3, 2021

Vernacular singer Samido Muchokis wife, Edith Nderitu, was on Saturday evening involved in a road accident.

Edith announced the news on her social media via Instagram, stating that the incident was a close shave with death. Edith was non identified location with her friends when the incident occurred, and she was super grateful that she and her friends were alive.

"Thanks, God, for saving my life and that of my friends, aki nimeamini leo devil is a woman", posted Edith on Instagram.

The incident occurred just hours after her husband's relationship with politician and city lawyer Karen Nyamu was confirmed. Edith did not further state the details of the incident or about what actually happened to result in the accident.

Samidoh met his wife when he was still in high school. With sparked chemistry between the two, his wife then transferred to the school to ignite the romance.

"She transferred and came to the school when she was in form 3, and I was in form 4 then," he said in a previous interview in 2019.