by Beatrice Ambasa
June 9, 2021

They say it's not easy to get over a person you loved once; well, celebrities have countered this notion by moving on as soon as their relationships end.

This could be the same case for Marya Prude, only that it might have taken her a little bit longer to get her life back.

So while Willis Raburu is spending hours at the gym, his ex-wife, Maryaprude, on the other hand, is living life to the fullest!

It's expected of her to move on; her fans are happy that she has, after going through a lot.

After getting married at 23 years, conceiving and losing a baby at 24 years – not forgetting her divorce; she can have as much fun as she can!

Taking to Instagram, Marya posted photos of herself having fun with a bunch of 'friends' where they visited Nakuru for a lit event dubbed 'Amapiano' where she let loose, at least to experience the happier side of life!