"Thank you for changing my life" Harmonize pours out his heart to Diamond Platnumz.

by Muthoni Kimani
January 7, 2021

The long-standing feud between Harmonize and Diamond Platnumz seems to be in the mend following a long post from the talented singer.

Konde Boy poured his heart out with praises to the "Waah" hitmaker, acknowledging the big role Diamond played in kicking off the "Uno" hitmaker's career.

He posted; "Speaking this from the bottom of my heart, I love you, bro. It's a new year 2021. Thank you for changing my life. Peke uliona dhahabu kwenye mchanga na Giza jingi sanaa!

"Leo hii Africa mzima, especially East Africa, wanajivunia uwepo wangu. This love is forever my brother. Everything I have done is just to make you proud. Don't get me wrong, kaa chini peke yako bila MTU ye yote pembeni, soma utajua ninacho maanisha.

"You're the legend one. Stay cool. Konde Boy and all Kondegang team, we love you. Happy New one Chibu (Dangote), big brother."

The apparent reconciliation with Diamond comes in the wake of Harmonize's separation from his Italian wife, Sarah Michelotti. Michelotti separated with the Uno Hitmaker earlier in December after he revealed that he had sired a child out of their union.

News of the split sparked a big argument towards the Italian lass, forcing her to issue a statement.

Ms Michelotti noted that Tanzania is her second home and she respects all Tanzanians and that everything happens for a reason. She then said that if it was God's plan that they are together, it will happen, and if it wasn't, she will still respect Harmonize.